Spa & Turkish Hammam

Aybar Hotel Spa

Serve the purpose of physical cleaning of the body which is a vital need of human beings as well as stress removal which is also a primary requirement of human body. Hammams concept is a tradition with a history of 1500 years. This concept has survived up to present since the Roman times and it has been redesigned and developed into a cultural activity in Ottoman period. Below is a summary of how hammams procedures are applied to a person and benefits of hammam process: - First step in hammam is the sauna or steam room where skin pores are opened in high temperatures. Here the toxins on the skin are also removed via sweating. Second step is traditional ''Turkish Hammam'' which is a big room with a steam heated marble stone in the middle. Here the guests lay down on the marble stone called ''Göbek Taşı'' and already open pores are cleaned by means of a special glove called ''Kese'' by specialized therapists and whole body is cleaned of dead skin. Afterwards, foam is prepared in a bucket and poured on the clean and relaxed skin and dead skin is completely moved away from the body by applying foam massage therapy. Finally the body is washed completely with fresh water. After hammam, guests have the options of aroma therapy massage, purely natural facemask, hand care and relaxing foot massage. After all those processes, you will feel much more relaxed, comfortable and at least 10 years younger. If one day you go to a hammam and read this article, you will remember us with a smile on your face. You are all invited to experience the magical comfort and health in our hammam.

Advantages of Hammam

  • * It reduces stress, loosens and relaxes the body.
  • * It cleans the dead skin on the body (exfoliation-peeling scrub) therefore allows 10% more oxygen entry into the body through skin.
  • * It releases muscle tensions, pains and opens up limited joints.
  • * It supports immunity system.
  • * It helps the cleaning of lymph system.
  • * It increases blood circulation.
  • * It increases metabolic activity of the body.
  • * It eliminates sinus blockings due to cold, asthma or allergic infections.
  • * It helps to maintain the skin in a young and fresh condition.
  • * Hot steam and steam bath are recently used as a therapy method against cancer, infections and various diseases.
  • * Steam bath is very effective to free the body of fat-storage toxins.
  • * During sweating (in sauna or steam room), heat effectively cleans toxins and bacteria as well as all other clogs on the skin surface such as dirt, oil, textile fibers, dead hair etc.
  • * Steam application improves vascular flow and intake of oxygen at cellular level.